Steve was very informative and professional. We called him for testing we were looking to get done for cat urine in a home we recently bought. They were able to do that testing for us when no one else could offer that. They went above and beyond our expectations. We would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

-Regina H.
As a realtor contractors are very important part of my business...i need to know i can trust them to do the job right and do it quickly! Steve was able to help in a situation where other contractors had failed multiple times. The job was done right, the scope of the work and all expectations were explained, our timeline was met and both my self and my client were pleased and wished Steve was our first call. I have gone on to recommend Poughkeepsie Environmental Construction to other clients who have also been very pleased with the work and communications offered. Great Contractor!

-Lee E.
If you are looking for help in solving an environmental issue with your residence, look no further. Steve did a fabulous job helping us remove asbestos tile from the basement of our house which we hope to put on the market soon. Here’s what we liked: his prompt (same day) and courteous response to our request; his careful consideration of several courses we might take to solving the issue; his insistence that we take a fact-based approach before proceeding (getting the tile tested - it came back positive); his willingness to guide us through the much less costly route of doing the work ourselves, albeit with careful instructions about safety procedures. We rented a piece of equipment from him which sucked air through a basement window while we were removing the tile, purchased a special tool (spud bar), taped entrances with plastic, used mask and detergent, etc. He also had many other suggestions from a hypothetical inspector’s point of view about how we could make our house more salable. In short, if you have lived in the same house for forty-three years as we have, this is an extremely knowledgeable young man whom you would like to have at your side giving advice. Hire him!

-Elizabeth W.
Poughkeepsie Environmental and Construction Group was a great decision for me. I needed a company certified in both mold and asbestos removal and they fit the bill. The estimate meeting was comprehensive and professional. Everything was explained in detail and the unknowns were discussed. They were able begin quickly and stayed until completion, including significant added work. Very pleased with the company and the construction/framing guys in particular.

-Dan H.
Steve responded quickly to my request and was very professional. He provided prompt testing for potential asbestos tiles (negative, by the way) and was also attentive to other problem areas in the house. He provided a basic estimate for helping with our basement moisture and outside drainage and important advice on how to address some water damage in our dining room. When we address these issues, I will definitely call Steve.

-Molly B.
Our “unhealthy” house has been absolutely transformed into a very “healthy” house thanks to Steve and John Nardozi and the rest of the Poughkeepsie Environmental and Construction crew. A six week project is daunting and invasive under the best of circumstances but they made it as painless as possible and the workmanship was excellent. We’d definitely recommend them and will hire them again for future projects.

-Anna S.
Steve and his team did a terrific job. Very professional and knowledgeable group. I would highly recommend their services!

-Ben H.
Steve and his crew were very professional and efficent! They were very knowledgable on our issue and worked quickly to resolve it! We highly recommend them!

-Sydney S.
Poughkeepsie Environmental was great to work with. Steve was very professional (and timely) and helped me work through a big project in my home. Without the services of Poughkeepsie Environmental, I would probably be in a jam trying to sell my house.

-Mike L.
Steve showed up for the estimate and gave a thorough overview to the approach to remove and mitigate a mold issue in the attic. For less than others quoted to just remove the mold, he was able to remove it, clean the entire attic surfaces, and install venting to prevent it in the future. He and his folks who did the work, did a great job of sealing off the area and did the whole job in one day.

-Joel C.
Great work, great communication. I would definitely recommend them to others.

-Brad P.
I had problem in the basement due to water leakage and had to remodel whole basement, I have 3 ps for him Professionalism , punctuality and perfect ism. I am very happy with his work.

-Nita S.
Steve was very professional and extremely quick to respond and communicate. Service was fast, efficient and courteous. I highly recommend!

-Alisa Z.
I highly recommend Steve Nradozzy. Please see the details below. You might find them interesting. I was looking for contractor to correct water damage in the basement. It was a minor flood in the basement due to rain that day. Sump stopped working that day. It was possible to make the sump pump to work again and in a few hours it removed all standing water in the basement. The large carpets in the basement remained soaked with water.
I got in touch with about 8 contractors before I found Steven Nardozzi’s Poughkeepsie Environmental Company via Thumbtack service. Steven was the only contractor who replied to my request for water damage restoration publicized through Thumbtack.
I could not choose any contractor from the eight which I was communicating with before Steve. One contractor offered partial help, not being able to deal with bacteria and mold aspects of the water damage. Another contractor promised an estimate for the damage and provided useful info during his estimate visit, but has not provided me with an estimate. The 3rd contractor was not able to answer my questions during his estimate visit. His company sent me the estimate, but was not willing to answer my questions about the estimate. The 4th contractor has answered my questions during estimate visit. He provided his estimate the next day. He was not willing to answer my questions about his estimate, and has informed that he has signed five contracts since he visited me. He informed me that he would not be able to serve me in a timely manner. The 5th contractor has answered my questions during his visit. He sent me his estimate the next day. He answered to many of my questions. However most of his answers are elusive and do not seem to me reasonable. The 6th contractor had no time to do the job. The 7th contractor was also very busy. The 8th contactor has promised me an estimate without seeing the basement. He has not sent one to me.
I was pretty disappointed with the lack of adequate response to my request for water damage restoration in the basement. This is why I have telephoned Steve Nardozzi as soon as Thumbtack service has sent me Steven’s reply. We had a conversation where Steve provided concise and constructive answers to everything I asked him about. My first question to him was Does he actually do water damage restoration. I asked him this question as the name of his company sounded to general to me, Poughkeepsie Environmental Company. Steve said water damage restoration is exactly what he does for 15 years. He then rolled out his credentials in response. His credentials include graduating courses with IICRC and BPI. This has surprised me, since I have heard IICRC many times from other contractors, but NOT BPI. Our conversation may have lasted for at least 20 min, and I do not fully remember it. But in the course of it I asked Steve if he knows of a good way to protect my new sump pump. He replied to this by sending me an e-mail with the description pf the method the same day. However, the conversation went in such a constructive manner that I asked Steve, if he could the estimate the next day, Friday. He said he has an open slot at 10am. That is when we met.
Steve gave me the estimate in about 30 min after he took the measurements and observed all of the basement. While observing the basement Steve was answering my questions and informing me about his restoration process. I have asked a few questions about some of the items in the estimate including if he would be able to start tomorrow, Saturday. He has checked something with his cell and said, yes he can start tomorrow. I gave him the job, because his figure was just $10 higher than one of the contractors which was no good in my opinion. We are in this project now 2 days. Demolition is and garbage removal is nearly done except cleaning the basement space. The drying and disinfecting processes are on automatic mostly by the machinery that Steve has set up in the basement. I am pretty the process will be fully complete in the next 3 days as everything Steve told has come to materialize.
Steve has a steel trap focused mind and great sensitivity to all concerns of his customers. I do not see a competition for him as no Company I contacted has a business process as sound as that of Steve. Particularly, Steve’s communication with his potential customers and customers is top notch. I was in touch with 3 more contractors after I asked Steve to do the estimate. My opinion of Steve remains the same.

-Alexander Y.
We were very pleased with both the service and the workmanship of Poughkeepsie Environmental. We called a number of places before we settled on contracting Poughkeepsie Environmental. We were impressed with our salesperson (Steve Nardozzi) , He was knowledgeable and informative and more importantly, we felt quite honest when dealing with our needs. We would certainly recommend Poughkeepsie Environmental to our friends and in fact WE HAVE!!!!! It was a good experience. We were left with an OPEN ENDED service agreement. We were told if we weren't pleased with the job, or if we felt we'd like to have the crew return, they would fix anything that we felt needed fixing. That's a guarantee you very seldom get.

-Onnie R.
I would definitely recommend Poughkeepsie Environmental. They recently completed Asbestos encapsulation and duct cleaning in my home. Steve was great to work with, and very informative. The job was carried out exactly as described, and they arrived promptly each day. I felt comfortable with the work being performed, and was pleased with the results.

-Jessica B.
Steve took the time to come out and evaluate my property for squirrel problems. While I opted to try and solve my problem as a DYI, he offered tons of advice at no charge and was extremely polite.

-Jay S.
Steven from Poughkeepsie Environmental was exceptional. He was very knowledgable and knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish with my floors. He steered me away from my original plan and came up with a new one that would save me time and money. Thanks Steven!!

-Julia D.
I was very happy with the radon mitigation performed by Poughkeepsie Environmental. I had a low level of radon just over the recommended EPA limit. I was not oversold any unnecessary procedures to accomplish the task. I was treated in a friendly professional manner by the owner and the foreman in charge and both were very knowledgeable with regard to radon and the mitigation and willing to answer any questions I had. The job was quickly done and the results were positive. I would highly recommend their services.

-Patricia M.
We contacted Poughkeepsie Environmental to get a mitigation system installed in our house and it was a wonderful experience from start to finish. They were very knowledgeable and took the time to explain all the details and came through with every promise. Everyone I dealt with was extremely professional and they ended up doing a great job. A company I would defiantly do business again in the future.

-Mike T.
In April/May 2015, I contacted several businesses when I needed estimates/advice of mold remediation within my home. Steve was the first to get in touch with me. He was punctual, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. What I appreciated most, was Steve always getting back to me in a prompt amount of time with the plethora of questions I threw his way. Though I have yet to schedule any work to be completed by Steve, I could not imagine that he would do anything less than a stellar job.

-Kris G.
I would highly recommend Steve! Steve managed the water damage issue in our house from the beginning until the end and I couldn't be happier with the final outcome, his interpersonal skills, timely responsiveness and overall professionalism. Steve is highly competent in his field and very reliable.
The scope of our project grew from a simple test to management of structural damage of our property. Typically, managing such a project remotely (as I was in California) would be very challenging, but Steve kept me updated with all the milestones, pending tasks, took photos and wrote reports that made it very easy. Work was started and completely on time!
There was one section where he had a disclaimer that additional work could be potentially required once phase 1 is completed and he gave a range of price for the additional work. When phase 1 was completed, he was honest to say that additional work was not needed and hence we didn't need to pay any additional cost. Again, because I couldn't be there in person to verify, I really respected his honesty and integrity in this regard.
In conclusion, I would say Steve is a gem of a contractor and would give him my highest recommendation.

-Nitai S
Very professional, prompt and efficient service was provided. Communication was great. Steve responded very quickly, and thoroughly explained all processes to both me & my husband. This was especially helpful with our water damage as time was crucial. I would definitely recommend their services and use again if disaster strikes!

-Alisa Z.
I would highly recommend Poughkeepsie Environmental. Steven was/is great to work with and the team that came out to install our sump pump were just as professional. The finished product was excellent and their pricing was very competitive. I plan on using Poughkeepsie Environmental for future work as well.

-Geoffrey M.
Steve is an outstanding contractor - knowledgable, detail oriented, good communicator, fair and performs high quality work. I would highly recommend him.

-Michael R.
Steve Nardozzi was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. Would absolutely refer him to friends and clients and use his company again myself. Very pleased.

-Tina M.
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